Art Hearts and Artful Crosses

Art Hearts is a curated collection of heart sculptures and tokens that express love in artistic ways. Each heart-shaped gift features a colorful illustration from a popular DEMDACO artist, expressing sentiments of love, friendship, celebration and thoughtfulness. Engraved with the artists' names, these heart tokens come with specially designed packaging to create beautiful, heart-shaped gifts that will be cherished. An Art Heart can be hung by the tasseled cord as a heart ornament or displayed as a heart sculpture with the unique key stand. Browse our collection now and express your feelings to your loved ones with an Art Heart.

Artful Crosses is a curated collection of decorative cross sculptures. Inspired by our top-selling Art Hearts collection, these beautiful, religious keepsakes feature joyful designs and uplifting messages to share love and support. Designed by popular DEMDACO artists, Artful Crosses are perfect gifts for baptisms, confirmations, weddings, birthdays and any important milestone in life. Browse our collection of decorative crosses today and share heartwarming messages of love and hope with those around you.