About Us



Classic Designs was born in 1992 in a small town in Louisiana named Morgan City.  It was the concept of two friends who decorated and designed a wedding together and realized that each had unique talents that complimented each other.  They decided to bring their creativity, and talent for seeing the detail in the designs, to a brick and mortar store that would offer home accents, gifts for all occasions, antique furniture, and custom made floral arrangements or decorative displays for events.


The two friends, coincidentally both named Linda, went in search of vendors that could provide them with the best quality products to offer their customers.  They created a store where you could patron if you needed a gift for a special occasion and not only found exactly what you were looking for, but left with something extra that felt uniquely you. 

The two Lindas made it their mission to ensure they gave their time and attention to their customers so they could bring the products that they would take to their house and create their home.  They became a central part of their small town where customers returned because of the quality and personal touches offered, not to mention just to see the displays created when new merchandise arrived!


The two Lindas decided they would like some more home time with their families, but two daughters of one of the Linda's have decided to partner with their mother and operate the store.  

The sisters, both teachers, have first-hand experience watching how the store created connections with the community and how both Lindas put so much value and careful consideration into their product choices.

They have decided to continue the mission of the two Lindas and to follow their values, but they have decided to offer their products to those beyond the bayous of their small town.  


Classic Designs will not only be a brick and mortar store offering products and displays to Morgan City and surrounding communities, but has developed into myclassicdesigns.com, an online retail store where the products chosen by the mother-daughters team is offered.  

We will still offer home decor from the vendors the two Lindas established relationships, as well as jewelry, collectibles, and Louisiana specific merchandise.  We will still design displays with the merchandise, showing multiple ways you can design with the products in your home.  But now everyone can become a part of the Classic Designs family, where you will go to find the things for your home, for your life, for you.