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Enjoy an instant burst of your favorite Greenleaf fragrance with just one spray! Our Room Spray is perfect for fragrancing bathrooms, bedrooms, and every room in between. 
Shake well before use
Spray mist directly into the air to refresh your space.
Orange & Honey: orange, honey. Revitalizing through and through, Orange & Honey lands the senses amidst a picturesque orange grove where clusters of nature's candy gleam in ripened glory.
Seaspray: salty air, jasmine, sandalwood, musk. A blissful kiss from the sea, Seaspray bottles salty air thrills and evokes memories of beach trips with family and friends.
Lavender: lavender. A much needed tranquil encounter, Lavender combines the freshness of herbs with sweet florals to create a perfectly calm and peaceful scent.
Cucumber & Lily: blackberry, black currant, melon, magnolia, lily, sandalwood. Cucumber & Lily is a fragrance adventure of fresh fruit and blooming flowers with a sandalwood base that lingers.
Bella Freesia: freesia blooms, white tea, citrus, amber. Bella Freesia blends freesia blooms and delicate white tea with amber and cotton blossom in elegant splendor.
Cashmere Kiss: citrus, jasmine, rose, vanilla, patchouli, musk. Cashmere Kiss is bound by passion and romance. Stirring citrus accords tenderly fold into fields of jasmine and rose.
Indigo Suede:  Notes of mandarin and currant combine with an elegant and sophisticated blend of atlas cedar, rose, sandalwood and leather.